2014. year in review

Hi, everybody. Damon here.

As of this posting, we just finished our 24th show for the year. If you had asked me even back in July if I would ever do NHb again, I would have said no. I really thought I was done with it all.

Four months later and I have to say, I am having the most fun I have had in quite a while. While the rest of my life sucks, NHB has become fun again. Who knew that removing myself from what I felt was a poisonous environment and starting fresh would be all the cure we needed. What’s great about this show is we continue to evolve and find new things that make us both laugh. We’re using the best of the past, but not stutck in it. It’s nice to have a cohost who can do production and can match me in creativity. And while we don’t have 200 listeners anymore, we have a core group of dedicated followers who contribute quality to the show. The show is not a pool of negativity, not a gang bang against one person, it is what I always wanted NHb to be, a relatively positive and fun environment, like in the old days. I really did miss this. And I have not only Liam to thank for talking me into this, but you, our listeners for making me want to do this again.

Our last show for 2014 will be on December 31, 2014. We’re going to kick 2015 in NHb style and we hope you will join us.

I hope that 2015 finds this show growing to even greater heights of funny, creativity and listener interaction. Let’s keep this positive momentum going.

On behalf of my cohost, Liam, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a fucked up New Year.

1 thought on “2014. year in review”

  1. I’ve listened to your last 2 shows and was lmao. I hope you don’t mind but I have a similar sense of humor and so do my friends. So, I am encouraging them all to listen to your show and sent out invites. I hope that is okay and I don’t mind calling in because I have no filter on my mouth it would fit in perfect. But I never been on the radio show live before so I need to grow a pair. If you guys are willing to do the New Year’s Eve show let me know I’ll be tuning in and I won’t bite my tongue but it would be nice to have someone to kiss at midnight. So, I invite you both to kiss any part of me you want including my ass lol. I can’t remember my password for tweeter so I said fuck it. Either I reach you live or by e-mail and Damon its nice to hear you laughing and being so happy. Liam love the name you are a trip I enjoyed the accents and sarcasm.

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