additions to the site, new page to assist with listening to us and an addition to the editorial page

There’s been some frustration with the site player being anchored towards the bottom of the page as opposed to being up top. Sadly, the template we are using does not allow us to move the player. Until we can solve this problem, Liam has created a listen to the show page which you will see in the menu that points to a page that has all the ways you can currently use to listen to the show. Hopefully this will make things easier until we can find a better solution. Please, if you feel inclined, comment on the site and the changes and let us know what you think. if you can find another way, using WordPress 4.0, to help move the player up towards the top of the page, we’d love to hear from you.

Also, under the editorial/rant section, Liam posted something in regards to our automation system. Feel free to go and read that and help us out if you can.

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