All about Automation AKA Armagation

I wanted to kind of sit down and write a bit about automation or as it has been lovingly referred to on past shows as Armagation. this may be a long read, so you can read more after the jump.


When we started the site we wanted to provide listeners with content when a show was offline. After all, there is only a three hour live show per week which leaves 165 hours of dead air. No one likes dead air.


At first we set up an account with who I will say offer a very nice system, but it seems to be repeat heavy. If you want to hear the show from 01/03/2014 or NHB burns in hell over and over it seems to be great for that. One of the major pluses of the whole system is it’s run via the cloud. I don’t have to requisition a separate box to do the heavy lifting. Obviously though this is becoming a problem, so it’s time to start looking at alternatives.


As small as Damon’s apartment is, it can barely fit Damon let alone another server to do all the broadcasting. Since the show for now seems to come out of my house with Damon as a remote host, it seems to make sense to run a box here. My project this week is to install station playlist studio on an extra machine I have lying around. I’m hoping this can let us offer a much more flexible automation system with scheduled shows along with possibly a more interactive experience.


which brings me to this. If you’re enjoying the live show, or perhaps listening on a podcast, please feel free to throw us a few dollars. We have a paypal donation widget at the bottom of each page. It certainly doesn’t have to be a lot, but every little bit helps. Setting up this system requires some extra gear which I have to go out an purchase, and depending on what features we need, Station Playlist may have to be upgraded to the pro version. EEK!!!

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