The No Holds Barred Radio Show for November 12, 2014

Learn why it’s a good idea to order your dinner before the show starts. We also talk about a certain haunted body part along with opening up the floor for our listeners.

The No Holds Barred Radio Show for November 5, 2014

Get ready to cringe.  Liam reads a horrible horrible story.  We also have some great news about the radio show along with some not so great ideas on how to make wrestling better.

The No Holds Barred Radio Show for October 22, 2014

Liam and Damon bring you another week of great comedy.  The boys create their own new smash hit singles if Taylor Swift’s new song is anything to go by. there is also a pair of Damon and Liam goodman bits.  Finally, learn about what you can and can’t do before getting married.

The No Holds Barred Reunion show for October 19, 2014

On this very special show Damon and Mike return to bring the show back to it’s roots. Some talk, live parodies and oh so much more.

A Very Drunken No Holds Barred Radio for October 17, 2014

There is not much to say here. Liam got drunk, came home, and said “Hey! Let’s do a show!”  Damon agreed, and this is what happened.

The No Holds Barred Radio show for October 15, 2014

This week Damon Goodman debuts his first of hopefully many interviews.  Liam likes candy so find out how much crap he ordered. Finally, learn about things you can do with your stuffed animals.

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The No Holds Barred Radio Show for October 1, 2014

Here’s another show for your listening pleasure. Liam and Damon compare and contrast Hey Mr. Gatarz with  doctored version to see which is funnier.  We also discuss a brand new product which should solve every man’s problems.  There is also the return of an NHB Radio legends. Oh and don’t forget the lottery numbers.