On this Weeks NHB Radio Show

This week on the NHB Radio show. We’ve got quite a few things for you. We have to revisit Hey Mr. Gatarz, as we have the supposed uneditted version we must play for you to comment on.  We’ve also got a tool that every man needs.  We’ll also have news, Letters to Liam, and your calls and messages.  If you’re not there, then you must be a horible human being.


And remember. We are the real deal. Accept no substitutes.

Submit your letters to Liam

Every week, we answer serious letters from people with real problems. And now you can submit your own letters.

Do you need relationship advice? Are you having trouble with family or friends? Just need advice about a random problem? Now you can submit your letters. 

Send an email off to letterstoliam@gmail.com, and Liam will answer them live on the No Holds Barred Radio show.  Liam is full of wisdom and advice, and wants to help you.

The No Holds Barred Radio Show for September 24, 2014

This week Liam and Damon debut a new bit all about a certain type of undesireable female.  There’s also more Letters to Liam along with how dirty Sonic The Hedgehog can really be.

The No Holds Barred Radio Show for September 17, 2014

This weeks show has everything. A long time co-host calls in and gets a new name.  We learn all about how braille is really a satanic code for the blind.  Liam breaks out a Dickie Goodman styled bit about a certain broadcaster.  And so so so much more.

Tonight on the No Holds Barred Radio Show

Liam here For the NHB Radio Show.  As you know, we put up a poll yesterday to ask who you felt was the best broadcaster.  If you haven’t voted yet, please do.  Here’s a tip, Either vote for me, or not for Damon.

That being said. We’ve got a great show lined up for you tonight.  All this host vs. host stuff has made me realize I have neglected doing targetted production.  So tonight we’ll have an exclusive interview with a broadcaster that you won’t want to miss.

did you also know that Braille is really a satanic code?  We didn’t know that either, but now that we do it fills in a lot of missing gaps in our lives.  Join us tonight as we talk about that.

Don’t forget we go live at 8 PM Eastern standard Fuck you Damon time right here on this very website.

The No Holds Barred Radio Show for September 10, 2014

This week Liam and Damon explore everything from suicide to how to sweeten your coffee with a most enjoyable treat.  We rant about technical issues, we play the newest hit from shockbox, and much much more.

The No Holds Barred Radio Show for September 3, 2014

It’s our first show on a brand new server.  Join us as we tell you where we’ve been and where we’re going. Letters to Liam makes a return along with a new super hero for the masses.