Yes, the world sucks, so take your mind off its stupidty by listening to our stupidty tonight at 7:00 PM Eastern

Yes, the title says it all. All you have to do is turn on cable news, open a paper or look out your window to see humanity’s stupidity at an all time high. So, why depress yourself with that when you can be entertained by our stupidity instead. Yes, Liam and Damon are back tonight at 7:00 PM eastern to not talk about anything that you will see on headline news, but to entertain you with the mundane, silly, idiotic and nonserious stuff you come to expect from us. Things like what oldie are we going to put up against our Annoying song winner this week? Or what silly news can one of us find? Or what dark corner of the internet will grab our interest? Or how will we snipe at each other, pick on each other or drag each other through the proverbial mud? Who knows what will happen on this show from week to week. You need to tune in and catch it live. Forget other stations that claim to be comedy and that even share our name. We do it better. We are the original and the best at what we do. You want to laugh? tune in at 7:00 PM Eastern at to see what stupidity we can concoct. and if you are normally a podcast listeners, we encourage you to catch a live show. it’s way better.

No Holds Barred Radio goes live to make up for missing Wednesday, tonight at 8:00 PM EDT

Firstly, we apologize for missing Wednesday’s show. Liam had a bunch of things to do including income tax and that’s something our government hates when you miss out on. I hope he at least got a refund.

Anyway, so we’ll go on tonight at 8:00 PM eDT. What will we talk about? Who knows? I am sure Liam will bring up Mortal Kombat X at some point. It’ll be the usual silliness. And who will take on Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polkadot Bikini in our most annoying song contest? You’l have to find out for yourself, tonight, April 17, 2015 at 8:00 PM Eastern time. Please tune in and spread the word far and wide about us so we can boost our listener base.

This is not an April Fool. We go live at 7:00 PM EDT tonight.

So, we’ve been really lazy and not doing this properly for a while. But we are going live tonight at 7:00 PM EDT to do a live show. This is not an April fool. We can’t promise anything else today as we may have plenty of plans on messing with you all in other ways, but tonight, we are definitely going live. For those who don’t know, we broadcast every Wednesday at 7:00 PM now, so adjust your clocks accordingly. Lots of insanity going to happen tonight, so don’t miss this show.

NHB radio celebrates an anniversary

20 years ago this month, I wrote the first parody for NHB. The parody, called A.R.A. was a mockery of Yesterday, by the Beatles and was a trash song about the Monmouth College dining facilities. I’ll explain how it happened.

Mike Ellis, the original cohost for No Holds Barred radio, and I had done radio shows throughout 2003. IN the fall, we named the show No Holds barred Radio and were still getting to feel out how radio works. We had both taken production classes and one of our first bits, the Driving School for the blind, had gotten us suspended from the radio station for a semester. We would not do a show together for the entirety of 1994. WE had discussed our eventual return to working together and decided that we should really try to do a real comedy show with produced material. We got a morning show shift, where we were allowed to do comedy material, and began to plan.

To avoid possible issues with management, (yeah, right), we decided to call the show Mike and Damon in the morning to conform to the morning show format. One of Mike’s ideas, capitalizing on my musical ability, was to do song parodies. I thought he was nuts. But being fans of Weird Al Yankovich, he convinced me that it could be fun. The premise was, using the recorder built into my keyboard, we can do all the music ourselves, record it on a cassette, take it to the production studio at the station and put the vocals to it there, recording direct to quarter inch reel to reel tape. The final product would be dumped to cartridge tape and used on the show. WE borrowed, cough cough, some carts from the production room as needed and set to work. AS I recall, A.r.A. was actually recorded in the smaller studio on campus, the size of a broom closet. The second parody we did that week was called Wedding Day, a Blues type number bemoaning the pitfalls of getting married. I tried to frame it from both men’s and women’s sides to not single anybody out. And such was our first morning show.

Within a few weeks, we realized that recording the music to cassette made the parodies sound crappy. So, we’d drag my Ensoniq TS10 keyboard up to the studio and patch it into the board directly. When the station engineer found out what we were doing, he actually hooked up a connection for us without tearing open the rack. This improved the parodies tremendously. I’d still do the music at home, laying down drums, bass, guitar and whatever else was needed, save the sequence to disk and then drag the keyboard and disk up to the third floor of the student center, patch it into the board and have a foot pedal on the console to trigger the sequencer to start and stop while we did the vocals direct to reel to reel tape. This was how it went through 3 semesters. IN September 1995, we moved the show to evenings and rebranded it as NO HOlds Barred rAdio, but the technique did not change.

When Mike and I brought the show to the internet, we recorded the parodies out of my bedroom where we did the show. I acquired a Roland 8 track hard disc recorder and with my growing arsenal of keyboards, we’d track everything into that, then mix it down to minidisc. AS I learned more about audio recording, I’d soon figure out how to digitally connect the 8 track to my computer and mix down to Sound Forge, run some normalization or mastering puglin on the song and it would sound a bit better. This was how we did it from 1999 through 2004.

Starting in 2004, I retired the 8 track and went to cakewalk Sonar, so now I was recording direct to the computer, mixing and whatnot and saving it direct to mp3 files. And this is how it’s done today.

It’s been almost 3 years since the last NHB song was produced. I hope to honor the 20th anniversary by returning to parody production this year.

2014. year in review

Hi, everybody. Damon here.

As of this posting, we just finished our 24th show for the year. If you had asked me even back in July if I would ever do NHb again, I would have said no. I really thought I was done with it all.

Four months later and I have to say, I am having the most fun I have had in quite a while. While the rest of my life sucks, NHB has become fun again. Who knew that removing myself from what I felt was a poisonous environment and starting fresh would be all the cure we needed. What’s great about this show is we continue to evolve and find new things that make us both laugh. We’re using the best of the past, but not stutck in it. It’s nice to have a cohost who can do production and can match me in creativity. And while we don’t have 200 listeners anymore, we have a core group of dedicated followers who contribute quality to the show. The show is not a pool of negativity, not a gang bang against one person, it is what I always wanted NHb to be, a relatively positive and fun environment, like in the old days. I really did miss this. And I have not only Liam to thank for talking me into this, but you, our listeners for making me want to do this again.

Our last show for 2014 will be on December 31, 2014. We’re going to kick 2015 in NHb style and we hope you will join us.

I hope that 2015 finds this show growing to even greater heights of funny, creativity and listener interaction. Let’s keep this positive momentum going.

On behalf of my cohost, Liam, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a fucked up New Year.

nonscheduled live NHb Radio Show tonight at 8:00 Pm Eastern

So, the conversation goes like this.

Damon. man, it’s a shame we can’t do a show this week.

Liam. You going home tomorrow?

Damon. Probably. What about tonight.

Liam. Not sure, kind of tired. didn’t get much sleep last night.

Damon. Chug a red bull.

Liam. Yeah. OK.

So, tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern, we’re doing a nonscheduled show, just so that you, or we, don’t have to go too long without being the screwballs we are. No plans, no prep, no idea if Liam will even be awake. Doesn’t get much more No Holds Barred than this, folks. Tune in tonight.

Ho HO HO. And Merry christmas too. Tonight is a live show.

Yes, that’s right. After a 3 year hiatus, our Christmas special is back. Tune in tonight for Damon, Liam and Cowboy Steve as a guest host in our Christmas Special episode. What will we be doing? Probably most of our normal stuff, but Cowboy Steve has a new bit for us and we’ll see how Liam responds to that. Plus, news, commentary and the usual insanity that can only come from this show. Tune in tonight at 8:00 PM or Santa will leave poop in your stocking and not coal.


Hi, everybody. Damon here. Liam asked me to post this since he screwed up his wrist while jacking off dick Clark. Anyway, since he had to take the day off work to go get his jack off hand looked at, we’re doing the show tonight, Tuesday December 9 at 8:00 PM Eastern. Hopefully, Liam can cut off his porno downloads and Comcast will work for us tonight so we can do a full show for you all. Also, Wednesday, December 17th, we resurrect an NHB staple, the NHB Radio Fuck You, It’s Christmas Special. Joining me and liam will be our resident Psycho, Cowboy Steve. He actually bought a USB mic and we’ll hook him up to do the show with us. So, there’s the schedule for the next two weeks. See you tonight.

A whole lot of shit going on tonight on the true No Holds Barred Radio show

OH man, it’s shaping up to be a roller coaster tonight. Here’s what we’re aiming for if you tune in tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern.

1. Liam Goodman makes a return with what I am told is his best and most brutal interview yet.

2. We discuss Taylor Swift’s new single that is currently sitting at number 1 on the Canadian ITunes charts.

3. Damon Goodman may make his return in part 2 of the Hey Kitty interview, assuming he can get it completed despite his lingering cold.

4. We continue to try to help our listeners by giving out possible winning lottery numbers.

5. Damon went to a wedding this weekend. What happened?

6. Maybe letters to Liam, or the fucked up d.j.s make a return? You’ll have to tune in and find out. Tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern time right here on the legitimate home of real comedy.