Listen to the Show

Our live stream streams 24/7 playing classic shows, best of material, bands we’re friends with, and more. There are many ways to tune in and catch our great content, so choose the option below that works the best for you.
Please note that if you have our IOS or Android apps, they will be discontinued in December of 2017. We ask that you choose an alternate option from the list below.

If you’re on a mobile device you can listen in tuneIn radio.  Either search for “No Holds Barred Radio Show” or Click here for the tuneIn page. 

If you have a smart speaker such as an Amazon Echo or a google home, just ask it to play the no holds barred radio Show on Tune in.
Make sure to include the full name. No Holds Barred Radio Show, as there is a similarly named No Holds Barred Radio Network.

If you’re on a computer, you can use the Tunein imbedded player below.

If you’re on a computer and you’d like to go old school and use a player on your computer such as Winamp then click here for a direct stream link.

When DJ Siri is live, you can request stuff here.