NHB Radio Show Automation updates

OK, so I realized while listening to our automation that there are some NHb shows in there that don’t have Liam in them, from times he was out sick, and also, there were some shows missing. So, we’ve tweaked things a bit. We’re still working on the repeating, but now all full shows have me and Liam in them at some point. We did remove two NHb telethon shows that do have Liam in them, because I don’t believe in running old nhb network telethons hows, just to prevent some confusion. However, aside from a large amount of parodies and production bits that I or Liam were involved in, and some best of clips, we have 52 full shows, including this past one and will be adding each new show to automation as we do it. This is over 150 hours alone, not counting the productin elements and independent music. So, tune into our automation and hopefully you’ll hear some things you haven’t heard before, even if our automation system loves to repeat things a lot. We’ll hopefully be fixing that soon.

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