nonscheduled live NHb Radio Show tonight at 8:00 Pm Eastern

So, the conversation goes like this.

Damon. man, it’s a shame we can’t do a show this week.

Liam. You going home tomorrow?

Damon. Probably. What about tonight.

Liam. Not sure, kind of tired. didn’t get much sleep last night.

Damon. Chug a red bull.

Liam. Yeah. OK.

So, tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern, we’re doing a nonscheduled show, just so that you, or we, don’t have to go too long without being the screwballs we are. No plans, no prep, no idea if Liam will even be awake. Doesn’t get much more No Holds Barred than this, folks. Tune in tonight.

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