Upcoming news for the week

ON tonight’s show…

Well, we thought we’d have two bits, but Liam Goodman is having issues keeping his interviewee in the chair, so we’ll postpone that for last week. However, taking his place is the premier of Damon Goodman with a very special interview of one of our listeners you have to listen to. All this, plus your lottery numbers, random commentary and news and whatever else we can extract from the gray matter that is our brains.
Also, on the show this evening, we will discuss the upcoming reunion show this Sunday at noon with Damon and original cohost and cofounder of No Holds Barred Radio, Mike Ellis. Maybe he’ll even call in.

and, while we haven’t done any new parodies yet, one is in the works and we’ll drop hints about it tonight as well.

Don’t miss this show, no matter what you do. See you tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern.

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