Yes, the world sucks, so take your mind off its stupidty by listening to our stupidty tonight at 7:00 PM Eastern

Yes, the title says it all. All you have to do is turn on cable news, open a paper or look out your window to see humanity’s stupidity at an all time high. So, why depress yourself with that when you can be entertained by our stupidity instead. Yes, Liam and Damon are back tonight at 7:00 PM eastern to not talk about anything that you will see on headline news, but to entertain you with the mundane, silly, idiotic and nonserious stuff you come to expect from us. Things like what oldie are we going to put up against our Annoying song winner this week? Or what silly news can one of us find? Or what dark corner of the internet will grab our interest? Or how will we snipe at each other, pick on each other or drag each other through the proverbial mud? Who knows what will happen on this show from week to week. You need to tune in and catch it live. Forget other stations that claim to be comedy and that even share our name. We do it better. We are the original and the best at what we do. You want to laugh? tune in at 7:00 PM Eastern at to see what stupidity we can concoct. and if you are normally a podcast listeners, we encourage you to catch a live show. it’s way better.

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