A Special Announcement about an upcoming Stream

Join Liam for a special night of the Last of Us Part 2. This game contains a large amount of accessibility options, including options to make the game playable for blind players.

Twitch. http://twitch.tv/liamerven

youtube: http://youtube.com/user/liamerven/live

The No Holds Barred Radio Show for September 20, 2019

Join Liam and Damon as they relaunch The No Holds Barred Radio show as a podcast.

This week we’ve got: voice mails, bad karaoke, and find out who has tried their hand at politics. We also discuss the fact that Liam’s single may have already sold more units than the song Damon put up back in 2012.

Leave us a voicemail at 989-217-8456

The No Holds Barred Radio Show is coming back. As a Podcast!

This is just a quick note to let you know that the show you know and love will be returning as a weekly podcast. No damnit. Not Baywatch. Us!

Starting in September 2019, you will be able to get new episodes of the No Holds Barred Radio Show every Friday morning. Take a few moments now and make sure you’re subscribed to our podcast feed. We will be working on bringing the podcast to more platforms as time goes on.