Links we like

Here are some links to pages we support and endorse. Please go check these sites out.

The link to BPM Designs, who were helped put this site together. Thank you so much, brian for your work.

This is Liam’s youtube channel. Go there to see his video gaming ninja skills.

This is Damon’s original music site.

This is the site to buy Liam’s games.

This is the bandcamp page for Crater Maker, a project featuring Damon Fibraio, Kevin Reeves and Ian Baird.

The home page for our good friend, Kevin Reeves, an amazing musician and a friend of the show.

the home page for our friend, Ian Baird, who was instrumental in facilitating putting together our new home page here. Check out his music.

This is Damon’s other music page. Hopefully will be updated soon with newer content.

Follow Liam on Twitter.

follow Damon on twitter.

We’ll be adding more links over time, so check back here often.