the No Holds Barred Radio Show For May 29, 2020

Join Liam and Damon for discussions on everything from Bob and Doug in space, how astronauts get off in orbit, and find out if flautists are good at blowing more than just their instruments.

Leave us a voice mail. 989-217-8456

2 thoughts on the No Holds Barred Radio Show For May 29, 2020

  1. Hello my name is LEO. Yes it’s me. I’ve finally caught up on the podcasts. Only took me 4 months. Anyway I’d love to leave a voice mail but I’m not calling long distance from overseas. Anyway to leave one via skype or something? What I really wanted to ask was what does Liam mean by ISDN? Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t ISDN just through a phone like and very low upload and download speeds? Then again maybe if it’s just voice it might be good. I ask cos I used to work or a telecommunications company ages ago and I also knew ISDN to be only barely better than dial up. For internet use at lease.
    Keep up the good work boys!
    My name is LEO.


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